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26 Oct 2018

We have for many years optimized business processes using technology, we have not so much optimized how we look at how we deliver software in the same way

„Taking development tooling to the next level“ is the promising title of a session with Ulf Kvistborg at Cloud Expo Frankfurt 2018. In this interview, Maersk's Head of Development Enablement provides fascinating insights.

Session details
Title: Taking development tooling to the next level
Location: DevOps, Containers & Blockchain Theatre
Time: 11.20 - 11.40, Thurs 8th Nov
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Question: You are going to present your vision on where CI/CD is moving towards, in automating absolutely everything, and using intelligence in same. Can you specify your vision, please?

Ulf Kvistborg: I see that everything we do in a technology organization, is formulated as code. We have for many years optimized business processes using technology, we have not so much optimized how we look at how we deliver software in the same way, yes we have introduced new mythologies like agile mindsets and devops culture. Some people would say, „but developers are creative“. Yes, developers are sort of creative, but they do a lot of copy paste from all over, once an engineer even writes a good piece of code, the person will sometimes try to reuse the same piece again. We spend a lot of time, when we form team on code review session, and aligning on how the code should look like. If we start looking at code as data, then we can start analyzing this, we can then help engineers, locating the code he have done before in the IDE, we can even help analyzing the code the team the engineers are working in, and help the engineers across. We even use a number of different framework, that then need a bit of boilerplate code every time we do it as a company. Say we need specific things in the health checks out of a spring boot µService. This too we should be able to simply do for the developers, every time they use this framework, even if they intent to start using other frameworks, just give a reminder or something more helpful. We could even automate some certain pull requests on code style or perhaps even on content depending on if we know this area is an area of typically simple code versus complex code, we could use the code to define the code styles for the team, department, company. We could possible even do more, the options are quite endless. It will shift left, it will reduce the amount of iterations on pull requests, we make the code more readable, and hence more maintainable for the team or teams. When we get down to the further future, which might come sooner than we think, with functional programming and some of the cloud capabilities behind this. I am even certain we can get to a place where a company's standard operation infrastructure can be created at the time of jira product creating, or by the repository creation, depending on who the people are in the team.


Question: Which period of time do you have in mind?

Ulf Kvistborg: This will start to happen in the near future, possible even two to three years, the more AI the longer into the future.


Question: As Head of Development Enablement, you drive automation of software deliveries from developer tooling to production to make developers life's easy. Which major challenges are to be faced?

Ulf Kvistborg: Challenges are, to get the automation recognized, and get it into the budget. It is not yet all product's that sees this as a thing every one need.


Question: How will a developer's job life will look in ten years time and vary from nowadays?

Ulf Kvistborg: An engineer get to work, talk with his colleagues, see the dashboard of existing products, smile because everything is still working, have the standup, find the pairing person for the task, talk to the product owner, agree on what should be done, in a pair programming setting. Write the tests, write the business logic that makes the test pass, create the repository, commit to the repository, as it is done as a pair, manual review is done, pull request gets tested, merges gets tested, code is merged, all the „normal“ tests are executed, the newly developed thing is in production and available on the dashboards, things are good. Spend some time on some new ideas and new tech try it out. The Engineer is very T shaped, possible even TIIT shaped, should end up knowing enough to be a DevOps person in all the fields that DevOps encompasses (FinBizDevTestSecOps).


Question: You will held another session at Cloud Expo where you will talk about „Leading Lean and Agile DevOps Teams“. What tips would you give to other team leaders?

Ulf Kvistborg: I think a leader in this world has to know how to be a servant leader. Has to let people fail, has to ensure that learnings come of the failures, and celebrate the learnings, or some will say celebrate the failures. There need to be room for people to try new things out and evolve.

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