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31 Oct 2018

Serverless gives you a flexible option for automating many use cases in your company

At Cloud Expo Europe, Key Speaker Vitor Reis will talk about exciting experiences and perspectives of Serverless architecture. Now Lead Software Engineer at Delivery Hero, over the last 8 years Vitor has developed his career through technology companies in the of segments logistics, health, education and finance.

Session details
Title: Greenfield projects and serverless architecture
Location: Next Generation Infrastructure Theatre
Time: 14.20 - 14.40, Thurs 8th Nov
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Question: Your talk will compare a new project with Serverless architecture versus a standard modern web server based application. Which practical experiences is your session based on?

Vitor Reis: At Delivery Hero we are using Serverless architecture to solve many problems, with our tech & product department organized as many small cross-functional teams the Serverless patterns allowed us to iterate faster while decreasing the dependency in infrastructure engineers. In a recent project, we used the web app/microservice pattern to provide a backend for a new mobile application, for this project we used AWS as cloud provider and by leveraging on services like Lambda, Cognito, DynamoDB, S3 we were able to quickly provide a highly scalable, fault tolerant and cost-effective solution, allowing our Software Engineers to invest their time in what matters for the business, in this context, developing more features and better UX for the users.


Question: What are general key benefits in using Serverless architecture?

Vitor Reis: There are many benefits that Serverless offers, starting by removing the complexity of managing servers, networking, load balancers, scalability & synchronization, this complexity at the infrastructure level is something that every business nowadays needs to take care in order to offer a modern & robust service, these can be complex topics which switches your focus to tasks that are not necessarily adding value to the business, with Serverless patterns you can use all this time to develop features that create value to your customers. You never pay for idle servers, this is a key component in cost optimization, and if you need to scale up your processing within seconds everything would be managed for you automatically. Nowadays the Serverless options offer flexible security controls and robust API monitoring, solutions that scale and allows your team to focus more on the business.


Question: Why should Serverless architecture be in the toolset of any company?

Vitor Reis: We've seen many case studies in which the adoption of Serverless architecture represented a massive improvement in cost reduction and increased service scalability, factors that in many cases represent the viability of the business. Serverless gives you a flexible option for automating many use cases in your company, to name a few, we have used this architecture in problems like Web Applications, Data Lakes, Stream Processing, and DevOps Automation. These patterns in combination with the existing web server based application patterns give you a robust toolset which enables you to deliver solutions in a decreased time-to-market allowing you to quickly gauge customer interest and validate ideas while being cost-effective and scalable.


Question: To which extent does the requirements for a Serverless architecture depend on the demands of a specific sector or industry?

Vitor Reis: That's a very good question, the fact that Serverless is managed for you, also means that you don't have many inputs in how features like servers, security, scaling and monitoring are fulfilled. If your application has a unique constraint that can't be fulfilled with the managed services, Serverless may not be a good fit. For example: If your application has the requirement of providing audit logs from the underlying hosting services, or if you are in a specific security environment that does not allow hosted services, the Serverless will not be a good fit.


Question: In 20 years, Serverless architecture will be...

Vitor Reis: We've come a long way, but Serverless is still a fairly new world. As Martin Fowler pointed out in a recent article, the most important developments of Serverless are going to be to mitigate its inherent drawbacks. Tooling is a big concern still, many of the technologies are cloud vendor locked and can be hard to simulate the whole stack in a local development environment. Many vendors are focusing on improving their process to handle „traffic-shifting“ ideas like blue-green deployment and canary releases. Distributed monitoring is probably the area in need of the most significant improvement, and also remote debugging are on top of our concerns and the cloud vendors have room for improvement. Globally distributed infrastructure, some vendors still don't offer the Serverless services in many locations, which sometimes might be a red flag due to strict legislation on data processing, in the next years we should see more and more often new infrastructure locations being made available. Furthermore, in the future I see Serverless architecture being an indisposable part in the majority of the tech companies, it should gain more and more space as the services offered become vast and with an improved tooling.

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