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Big Data World Frankfurt Programm


Operational Data Hub for Big Data

Data Management & Integration Theatre
There’s a new architecture pattern that’s hit the industry and is streamlining the data integration process. It’s called the Operational Data Hub (ODH). It places a database early in an organization’s data flow, and acts as the first place where data across organizational units gets integrated. The process occurs much earlier than that of the classic data warehouse, and in a much more secure and governed way than a traditional data lake. Additionally, it serves a different purpose from each of them. Data warehouses and data lakes solve "observe-the-business" problems exclusively. An ODH also solves "run-the-business” problems, while providing real-time observation capability as data flows through the enterprise, featuring continuous loading and query, ability to write-back updates, and granular security. At this session, we will discuss the ODH, how it came about, how it works, what’s possible with it, as well as real-world implementations across a variety of industries. The goal is nothing short of changing your perspective regarding enterprise data integration.
Ken Krupa, CTO, Enterprise - MarkLogic